WeSettleIt builds applications that help small to medium sized business run restaurants and hotells with ease.


From experience running our own restaurant we have made a digital food ordering application that can be used with minimal training and runs on a wide variety of cheap devices.

We are currently working on our completely own Point Of Sale made for small restaurants that works on inexpensive, common hardware and requires limited technical knowledge from the user.

First release planned for first half of 2018.


Our software integrate with online booking engines to enhance services to guests.


The Gilis app updated

Updated some boat times and also added graphs displaying the tides, which should be more intuitive than just numbers. Version 1.8 is already active in Google Play and is waiting for approval in Apple App Store.

WeMenu 18.05.01 released

Added Add delivery cost to specfic tables for home delivery Changed Fix generate voucher by amount of days Fix crash when enabling personal and table mode Fix crash when session has expired Removed Remove old code for limiting categories based on waiter